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Standard Calibrations Inc.


SCI Commercial Marine Line Card 2017

Standard Calibrations Inc. (SCI)  offers technical, repair, systems, components, and training support services to all ships and shore facilities, including assessments, troubleshooting, repair/replacement, alignment/calibration, and testing of shipboard systems and components. SCI provides the following products for the Commercial Marine Industry:


Tank Level Indication and Monitoring:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Transducers
  • Radar Level Measurement
  • Visual Level Sight Glass Indicators
  • Float Type Transmitters
  • Bladder Pressure Indicators
  • Capacitive Level Sensors
  • Utrasonic Level Sensors


Flow Meters:

  • Coriolis Metering for high measurement accuracy
  • Vortex Meters for tolerance to shock and vibration
  • Ultrasonic Metering without pressure loss


Fuel Transfer Bunker Metering:

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for accurate transfer and ease of refit installation.
  • Pressure Transmitters to provide a secondary measuring mode during unstable process conditions.
  • Temperature Transmitters to provide custody transfer certified temperature information.
  • The Bunker Metering Computer receives sensor signals and converts n quality information with historical data and an audit trail.


Fuel Consumption Metering:

  • The Coriolis Meters are suitable for all types of fuels and is measured and presented with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Different fuels can be measured without the need of adjustment.
  • The fuel consumption can be combined with other vessel data to determine optimum operating conditions.


Switches and Sensors:

  • Float Switches for Bilge and Void Spaces
  • Multi-Point Level Sensors
  • Flow Switches for Cooling and Fire Suppression Systems
  • Field Programmable Electronic Pressure Switches
  • Vibronic Point Level Detection
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
  • Thermowells and Protection Tubes