Cooley Equipment Sales, Inc.

Represented Products

Cooley Equipment Sales represents the following manufacturers:


Farwest Corrosion Control Company/Marine Division

Farwest Corrosion Marine Division offers a complete line of Anti-Fouling, Cathodic Protection and corrosion prevention related products and solutions for the marine going vessels, equipment and structures.



Zazz Engineering Inc.

Zazz Engineering, Inc. provides the next generation of engine room ventilation technology. Based in Stuart, Florida, we can provide cutting-edge products for many types of marine vessels, including commercial, military, and pleasure boats.




UPNOVR provides an extensive line of shipyard products ranging from Ship Ladders, Gangways, Treads, Battens, Gratings and other miscellaneous items. UPNOVR is a respected leader in the industry and we have a broad spectrum of capabilities including Fabrication, Machining, and Stamping/Metal Forming.



Elliot Manufacturing

Elliott’s Uniflex-Stow and Safe-Operator systems are the most versatile, reliable and proven approach to remote mechanical valve actuation for commercial marine, nuclear, and industrial installations available today. Extensively installed in Naval and commercial shipping. We have solved remote mechanical valve control problems for a many years and have a wealth of application experience.