ATC – Automated Touch Control

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ATC is a configurable ventilation control system, designed to work in total harmony with your application.

ATC consists of several products:

Touchscreen(s) [NEMA 4/IP66]
CPU Enclosure(s) [NEMA 4/IP66]
• Remote Temperature Sensor(s)
• Variable Frequency Drive(s)
• Line/Load Reactor(s)


In its ‘Auto’ mode, ATC uses data from the temperature and pressure sensors to automatically regulates intake and exhaust airflow to maintain optimal temperature and/or pressure.

When ATC is in ‘Manual’ mode, you can change fan speed and direction with just a touch.

To see a how a typical ATC system fits together, see the diagram below (click to enlarge).

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All the wiring in ATC uses RS-485 over Modbus, a digital standard based on Ethernet. This makes installation and cabling much simpler than older analog systems.